Friday, October 5, 2012

The Start of My Cloth Diaper Stash (27 Weeks)

 This picture didn't quite turn out like I wanted, but you can see the belly progress 

How far along? 27 weeks 
Baby size: A Rutabaga! About 14.5 inches long and weighing a little over 2 lbs.
Total weight gain/loss: I don't actually weigh myself each week...I think its unhealthy. I will know for sure next week, but I am guessing about 15lbs.
Maternity clothes? I was going to buy some maternity leggings to wear with my fall/winter boots, but they cost so much money so I bought normal leggings in the biggest size and they seem to work. I also bought a belly band so I can wear my normal pants unbuttoned and it holds them up...pretty convenient. It also supports my growing belly nicely.

Stretch marks? No stretch marks yet

Sleep: I have been sleeping and not moving once I am barricaded in my pillows, but then I wake up so sore.
Best moment this week: Well new movements are always my highlights with baby girl! My favorite part of this week though was realizing how blessed I am to have my husband. After dinner last night I had to leave pretty quickly because I lead a small group at youth. I asked Hubby if he would put away the leftovers for me and when I got home the WHOLE kitchen had been cleaned, wiped counters, clean dishes and all! I love him! I can't wait for him to be a daddy!
Miss Anything? I would like to have some pumpkin bread with a chai tea latte, but the sugar in the two would be insane to give the baby.
Movement: Oh she is moving in there alright! She is getting big enough that I can feel even the smaller movements. I swear she was tickling me last night. I can feel her turning over from time to time as well. Its so crazy! I imagine Eve was probably a little creeped out the first time she was pregnant... if you didn't know what was happening you would think you had a fish in there.

Food cravings: still sweets but not as much this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!
Have you started to show yet:  Yes, and I know I look ridiculous to everyone at Zumba class, dancing around with this big belly!
Gender : It's a GIRL!!
Symptoms: Same ole same ole, the belly is starting to get heavier though
Belly Button in or out? still in, its getting pretty hard up top though
Wedding rings on or off? off and around my neck.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and blessed!
Looking forward to: Buying or getting more fluff (cloth diapers), and nesting :-) 

 The Start of My Cloth Diaper Stash

I thought I would share with you guys the cloth diapers that I have so far. I haven't actually bought any of my own but I got these from the baby shower and I love playing with them and practicing on my Raggedy Anne doll! I will also explain a little about them because I have realized that many people know little or nothing about cloth diapers.

PreFolds: We are thinking we will probably use prefolds mostly to begin with. Based on my research they fit newborns the best and prevent blowouts and such. Prefolds are what our grandma's used on our parents and they fastened them with diaper pins, luckily today we can skip the pins and use a nifty thing called a snappie (see below). You basically fold the cloth and fasten it around baby (super easy) this is the absorbent part of the diaper. Then step two is you cover it with a water proof cover. When it is dirty you toss the prefold in your diaper pail and you can reuse your cover.
I have 12 unbleached prefolds and 2 Thirsties duo wrap covers

Fitteds: A fitted diaper functions similar to a prefold, it's just easier. It has elastic that fits around the waist and legs, similar to a disposable diaper, and snaps for convenience. You still need a diaper cover to waterproof it.

I have 1 kissaluv's fitted diaper

All-In-One Pocket Diapers: Pockets are the revolution of the modern cloth diaper world. They contain a pocket that you can stuff with just about anything, usually the soaker pad inserts that they come with, but you can also stuff with a prefold if you have one handy. The pocket diaper is used very similar to a disposable you snap it on and then when it is dirty who throw the whole thing in your diaper pail and simply replace it with a new one. The pockets I have are One Size so that one diaper should last from 9lbs until potty training.

I have two bum genius one size, all-in-one pocket diapers

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