Friday, August 10, 2012

The Results Are In: Gender Reveal (19 weeks)

 The beautiful cupcakes that Beth made!

 The Lovely Beth (who was the only one who knew the secret!)

Mom votes Girl, dad votes Boy!

Shelby and Jordan both dress in blue, but vote Girl. They are having a little boy later this month and would have felt weird wearing pink haha!

Cassidy, Laurie and Sam!

Grandma votes Boy!

Pastor Rod votes Girl! (I think he wanted a pink mustache instead of the girly lips)

 April votes Girl, because she said older girls are very helpful!

Ryan came a little late, but voted Girl! Tyler voted Boy, but it looks like he wanted twins!

We all opened them together!

Moment of Truth!


There was a silly String attack when we thought we were taking a sweet picture!


Team Girl!

Our Celebration Kiss!


  1. I loved this Chelsea! <3 autumn

  2. Congrats!! I just had my girl a week and a half ago... You will be in love, but your husband will be a tangled mess around that little girl's pinky! :)