Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnancy is Turning me into a Hippie (14 Weeks)

How far along?  14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: back to 2.5 lbs
Maternity clothes? Getting there, but still fitting most clothes
Stretch marks? not yet :-)
Sleep: Depends on the night, sometimes I can't sleep well at all others I sleep like a baby
Best moment this week: This week our Friends the Flowers came to visit and we had a lot of fun, I think my favorite part was making peach icecream together

Miss Anything? I am pretty content, I miss having energy
Movement: 2 weeks is what "they" say

Food cravings: This week I have eaten a lot of Mexican and Pasta.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The heat is the only thing that has made me sick this week.
Have you started to show yet: More and more people are telling me that they can tell...
Gender Prediction: This week is the first time that I really decided that either one would be a blessing, so I am going with boy...this week anyway.

Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: The start of growing pains
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Felling happy, but in a needy mood most days
Looking forward to: Our first appointment at NOVA Natural Birth Center tomorrow eeek!

Granola Adventures:
Lately I have been having pressing desires to be more natural. I am not sure where it all started, probably with my decision to do a Natural Birth and exploring the benefits of a drug free labor (unless medically needed of course). As I branched out in my research from birth to pregnancy in general and learned about free-radicals and parabens  in our hair products and cosmetics, I decided to take some baby steps to making a more natural life style. I thought it would be good to share this weeks changes for post-pregnancy purposes to see if these are true convictions or just radical pregnancy hormones. I have a feeling that these choices will last beyond pregnancy though.

This weeks shopping list:
 Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner

Burt's Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen and Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Hair Gel : I had to do something for my curls
Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil As recommended by my herbalist Aunt Gloria to use as a lotion

I discovered this site, EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database from one of the girls in my pregnancy forum and I am now in love/obsessed with looking up stuff and the ingredients/chemicals.

I also plan to use cloth diapers (which my Granny is excited about) and make my own baby food... we will see if I actually follow through on that!

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