Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Project Nursery [Part Two] (40 weeks 3 days)

Today we finally put all the finishing touches on the "nursery." It has been a fun project to turn our single bedroom into a bedroom and a Nursery and we are quite content with the outcome!

Here is what it looked like when we started


And then we painted

Daddy put the crib together soon after

And following many weeks of baby steps this is the final result...


 Aren't these precious?! I can't wait for AnnaSophia to wear them! You can get yours HERE!

Now all we need is Baby Girl!


  1. I absolutely love it y'all did amazing!!

  2. Way too cute! Can't wait to meet her when she is ready to come out though today sounds like a good day!!

  3. Chelsea: You and Lucas did a wonderful baby world for her, she is going to me so precious in there, it looks very very comfortable and welcoming for her and yall to, please keep posting, I am excited for you !! Love Aunt Julie

  4. Chelsea you and Lucas created a beautiful Baby World, it looks great and very welcoming she will love it I am sure - can't wait Aunt Julie is very excited for you